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Meet Daniel Martin the Executive Success Coach

Daniel Martin has been fortunate enough to have access to many coaches and mentors.  Through their guidance and by taking action he’s achieved dreams such as: being selected into the Australian Rugby Union Team (U18); founding and selling two businesses; overcoming his number one fear of public speaking and extinguishing some inter-generational habits that wouldn’t serve anyone!  Living proof that change is possible,  Daniel is devoting his time and energy to be an enabler for others who want to improve themselves..

Over the last 11 years Daniel has studied psychology, behaviour, values, eastern & western philosophy and axiology.   Combined with his love of technology and science Daniel understands the pressures of the fast-paced modern world we live in today.  By helping people discover what deeply (and most often subconsciously) motivates them, accelerated results and transformation occur.

Working for  Global Consulting company Daniel has honed his skills under the guidance of the consultant to the consultants – Godwin Vaz.  Engaging in multi-national companies such as Coca-Cola Amatil and L’Oréal and the Australian Defence Force locally.
Daniel now uses his vast experience and expertise to transform leaders of tomorrow into today’s leaders.

Now-a-days coaches complete a weekend course and charge based on what the facilitator has told them they should.  This leads to many coaches over charging as they’ve been taught to sound like they can walk-the-talk.  Daniel’s approach is a quality orientated one which is to charge what it’s worth not what he can get away with.

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