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Take control of your success.  The No.1 Trend in 2018 was self-care.  This indicates that the pressures of life are squeezing in on the majority of us.  Even the most downloaded app on the Apple Store was of the self-care theme. Often we claim that “Well, these are the cards I’ve been dealt, I have to put up with it!”  or “I need to push on or it’ll be harder to stay ahead” or “I wish I had passion for something, it would give me a purpose.”  

From the work side  the most common complaints are burnout, bullying, and poor leadership (Employsure, 2020).  On top of that there are family pressures, the economic climate, and lately COVID-19.  I’m not here to tell you life can be easy; if it were

Whether you’re an executive who wants to go to the next level or you are someone who wants to change a lifelong habit that doesn’t serve you anymore; or simply you just want to be better; the question is “What are you going to do about it?”

What’s Your Genius

Reach your peak level of performance (Forward by Tony Robbins)

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