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A Renaissance is happening in the 2020s

 Leadership today is undergoing a Renaissance. Away from the overly controlled, planned and rational leadership to a more emergent, caring, relational, purpose-driven and intuitive leadership. As a leader how confident are you in coping with the oncoming uncertainty and changes that is facing the business world?
I’m in one of the most pivotal historic places in the world, the birthplace of the renaissance, Florence, Italy. It had a huge impact on our modern society. Owing to the political, social, and economic climate at the time. Medieval values where re-evaluated and set the rest of western Europe ablaze with new ideas, tremendous change followed in science, technology, business strategy and humanism. Some names that come to mind are Michelangelo, Leonardo Davinci, and the Medici family. I believe that we are undergoing another renaissance today, particularly in technology and business, which will have unforeseen changes on tomorrow. Leaders need to adapt quickly and reevaluate today’s status quo. Coming to terms with change being the norm and being okay with uncertainty. Humility will become more important than superiority and competency valued more than legitimacy. In summary, lead with passion and purpose today without any attachment to it’s impact tomorrow. History shows us that by doing this, the impact on people’s lives will be longer lasting and better than anyone could have imagined.
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